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Report It

How to report a crime in Stoke sub Hamdon Parish

To report a crime, call 101 - this ensures you receive a crime number.  View here for details of our local police force.

Remember, in an emergency you should always call 999.


Waste & Recycling 

Whether you wish to report an issue with your waste and recycling collections, you need to order new bins and containers or, if you just need some information on collection times visit South Somerset District Council's Waste & Recycling page


For the following items listed below, you can report these directly to the relevant authorities by clicking on the links below.  However, please could you inform our Parish Clerk by email of your concerns so that she is able to track the progress of your reports.


How to report fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence, punishable by a fine of up to £5,000 or 12-months imprisonment if convicted.  It is also anti-social, unsightly, harmful to wildlife ... the list goes on.  To report fly-tipping in Stoke sub Hamdon, visit South Somerset District Council's Report It page.


How to report Highway faults

To report Highways faults in Stoke sub Hamdon - including potholes, drainage issues or other road/pavement obstructions - please visit the Somerset County Council's Report A Fault page.  This is a quick and efficient way for you to help keep our roads in working order.


How to report street light faults

To report street light faults please visit the Somerset County Council's Report a Fault page.  This is a quick and efficient way for you to help keep our street lights in good working order.


Report a Footpath (PROW) Issue

Stoke sub Hamdon parish have over 26 public rights-of-way, there is a lot to do to keep footpaths and bridleways in good order.  So if you see a path that needs clearing, a broken stile, gate or any other issue please visit Somerset County Council's Public Rights of Way page.