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Message from the Transport Strategy Group - why it's important to tell us if you've been in a road traffic accident

By Sarah Moore Stoke sub Hamdon

Friday, 25 February 2022


Stoke sub Hamdon Contributor


If you or anyone you know is involved in a road traffic accident in Stoke sub Hamdon, please contact us to tell us about it. It's vital that we have up-to-date information about road traffic accidents in our Parish, which we can then use as evidence when approaching Somerset County Highways about implementing traffic calming measures.
The Transport Stategy Group meets to address road safety in the parish and is made up of councillors and residents. The Group will be actively evaluating the various schemes that might help in slowing down vehicle speeds through the village, recommending a practical plan and also helping to gather data on speeding, accidents and road layout issues. This information together with our Speed Indicator Device data will be presented to Highways whose permission we need to get in order to implement any schemes.
Meetings are very informal with everyone encouraged to share their ideas and comments to get as an effective proposal as we can to present to Highways. If you’re keen to have your input into speeding and road issues and you’d like to get involved you can still do so - please contact us and you will be very warmly welcomed.

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