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Sports and Recreation Trust

The Stoke sub Hamdon Sports and Recreation Trust was set up in 1996 to manage the recreation ground on behalf of the Parish Council and provide sports and recreation facilities for the whole community.  The Sports and Recreation Trust is run entirely by volunteers and is an unincorporated charitable association. 

There are also a number of individual Trustees who are governed by the charity constitution and form the Executive Committee, which manages the day-to-day operations and activities of the Trust and carries out the stated objects in the constitution. All Trustees are registered with the Charity Commission.

The Trust is organised into five sub committees:

  • Facilities Management Committee: responsible for managing and maintaining the existing facilities at West Street.

  •  Future Projects Committee: responsible for scoping new projects for approval of the Trust.

  •  May Fayre Committee: responsible for organising fund-raising events for the Trust and other projects in the community. - Update:  This year’s May Fayre has had to be cancelled due to work being carried out by the National Trust to the Priory grounds and buildings. 

  •  Charity Shop Committee: responsible for managing the Charity Shop, which raises funds for the Trust and other projects in the community.

  •  Stoke Performing Arts Group: a village group established in 2016 and which became a sub-committee within the Trust for financial management, fund raising and other administrative requirements.

Contact:  John Allan (Chairman) at [email protected]